May 30

Actually i have 2 kind of problem with my domain on the cpanel. First of all when i browse it always redirecting to

second problem when i try to remove from the cpanel i got this error

Error from park wrapper: Sorry, you do not control the domain

After some googling i found similar problem on -> How to Fixed /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi in Cpanel

Then i also try to update my cpanel to Bleeding EDGE with the similar step from the blog

Login into WHM
user : root
pass : [root password]

Click “update preferences” on the left menu under Server Configuration
Click “Manual Updates Only (bleeding EDGE tree)”
Click SAVE

Login into the server with root access Running update script
$/scripts/upcp –force

Rebuild httpd.conf

Restart cpanel dan httpd
$/etc/init.d/cpanel restart
$/etc/init.d/httpd restart

But it is the same, my domain is still redirecting to /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi then i try to remove the from my testing cpanel account and i got this error

Error from park wrapper: Sorry, you do not control the domain

Then i do this step to remove from the cpanel

first of all login to your ssh cpanel

backup your cpanel user data first on /var/cpanel/userdata/

#  cd /var/cpanel/userdata/
# tar -czvf /root/testing.tgz testing/

go to your  main user files to remove the domain that you want to remove
# cd /var/cpanel/userdata/
# cd idbgroup/
# vim main


go to /var/cpanel/users and backup the user data info
# cd /var/cpanel/users
# cp -a testing /root/testing.20100528

go to idbgroup files to remove domain that we want to remove

# vim idbgroup

run script to update

# /scripts/updateuserdomains

This will read the user files in /var/cpanel/users and make any needed synchronization with other system files, such as Apache and ftp.

# /scripts/killdns
This script will  Delete a dns zone for the domain we want to remove

# /scripts/rebuildhttpdconf
Rebuild the httpd.conf

remove on /etc/localdomains
#  vim  /etc/localdomains

Restart httpd

# service httpd restart

change group owner for /var/cpanel/users/idbgroup
# chgrp idbgroup /var/cpanel/users/idbgroup

remove the domain cache  on /var/cpanel/userdata/testing
# cd /var/cpanel/userdata
# cd testing/

run script
# /scripts/updateuserdomains
# /scripts/rebuildhttpdconf
# service httpd restart

Then add the domain your cpanel -> domains -> addon domain , add and it seems fix the 🙂

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