Jul 07

i’ve a problem when i tried to export db from phpmyadmin cpanel to file
it shows

export.php: Missing parameter: what (FAQ 2.8)
export.php: Missing parameter: export_type (FAQ 2.8)
from the FAQ i’ve also edit all requirement there but the problem still exist

2.8 I get “Missing parameters” errors, what can I do?

Here are a few points to check:

  • In config.inc.php, try to leave the $cfg[‘PmaAbsoluteUri’] directive empty. See also FAQ 4.7.
  • Maybe you have a broken PHP installation or you need to upgrade your Zend Optimizer. See http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=31134.
  • If you are using Hardened PHP with the ini directive varfilter.max_request_variables set to the default (200) or another low value, you could get this error if your table has a high number of columns. Adjust this setting accordingly. (Thanks to Klaus Dorninger for the hint).
  • In the php.ini directive arg_separator.input, a value of “;” will cause this error. Replace it with “&;”.
  • If you are using Hardened-PHP, you might want to increase request limits.
  • The directory specified in the php.ini directive session.save_path does not exist or is read-only.

when i run any query on the phpmyadmin i also get this error

You probably tried to upload too large files

Solution :

These errors were occurring because the values you had specified in WHM -> Tweak Settings for:
-PHP Max Post Size for cPanel PHP in Megabytes (default 55M with a maximum value of 2047M)
-PHP Max Upload Size for cPanel PHP in Megabytes (default 50M with a maximum value of 2047M)

did not have the trailing “M” — for example, you had “50” instead of “50M”.. This meant that the max post size and max upload size were 50 bytes instead of 50 megabytes.

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